They . . .

They say you’re nothing special. That it isn’t meant to be.

They whisper you’re too slow. Your path is littered with debris.

They say that you can’t focus. But it’s they who fail to see.

For it’s they who pass judgement so casually.


They demand you talk a certain way. They expect you to agree.

They prefer you don’t ask questions. Forgo curiosity. 

They’ve done all the thinking for you. Their knowledge costs a fee.

It’s they who own the locks. But you possess a key.


They take things that are beautiful and bend them to their will.

They take things they don’t own. They doctor the true bill.

Slogans bounce inside their heads. Their truth comes undistilled.

They care only for themselves. They'll never be fulfilled..


They amplify unfounded threats. They prey on insecurity.

They manipulate your feelings and question your true purity.

Level your gaze into their eyes. Alarm them with sincerity.

Their minds are all made up. Allow yours to gain maturity.


They prefer the status quo. As long as it’s their regime.

They add you and subtract you. You’re a constant revenue stream.

They’re the ones that once sold people. They trounce on other’s dreams.

They’re rigid and unbending. Narrow minds on balance beams. 


Do not accept things as you find them. Do not stand idly by. 

They’d rather you occupy your place. They’ll treat you as a spy. 

They find others who think like them. Pawns who don’t ask why. 

They find their strength in numbers. You find yours inside. 


Their traps are all around us. They’re in every choice you make. 

They root against your interests. It’s a victory when you break. 

They corral you in their holding pens. They pounce on your mistakes. 

They can’t lull you with their sweet talk. You choose to stay awake. 


Live your life with sense of purpose. Your heart has songs to sing. 

Break from line and forge your way. Only kittens follow string. 

It's true this path is harder. Embrace the bruises it’ll bring... 


For when you dive beneath the surface, to get to the heart of things, 

It’s then, my friend, that you become, my true servant and my king.