We Always Need

People need homes. To eat, sleep and stay warm.

So trees are cut down and their roots are up torn.


People need water to bathe and to drink.

Pipes are laid down. Water comes out your sink.


People need lights. To illuminate eyes.

So men harvest coal. We blacken the skies.


People need fuel. To gas up their cars.

We drill through the Earth. Leaving it scarred.


People need food. To consume and stay strong.

The slaughter house hums a constant sad song.


People need money. To buy all these things.

So people learn skills. You are what you bring.


Everyone needs these things of which I speak.

There’s no shame in needing. No need unique.


But now there’s more people. So we need more.

We’re taking too fast and Earth can’t restore.


Some people are selfish. They’d sell the air.

They waste all our gifts. And don’t seem to care.


Our time here is short. Others will follow.

Many forget. They’ll leave the Earth hollow.


Walk out in the woods. Dive into the streams.

Climb up into trees and bite tangerines.


Trek up a mountain and look down below.

Plant some seeds in the yard. Then watch them grow.


Stand in the ocean. Smell salt on the breeze.

Walk through a garden and marvel at bees. 


Shake off your malaise. And remain aware.

The Earth can’t be bought. It’s all ours to share.


Treat it with kindness. From whale to small snail.

Life’s at its best when dirt’s under your nails.